Patient: Rachael B on Google
Truly thankful for everyone, how caring and nice they all were! Extremely wonderful experience, Dr Tom has amazing communication skills and kept me informed as he went on with my dogs procedure. Already being nervous about the procedure he and his entire staff put those anxieties to ease! Would completely recommend to anyone! Thank you all so very much from the bottom of my heart! Can not say enough good things about our experience!

Patient: Robert on Google
EHVS is everything you would hope to find in a Vet’s office. An extremely kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable staff who view pets as part of the family and not just animals or numbers. The doctors and staff take time to explain the circumstances and present options. My family has included two very senior cats; one has passed and the other 18 years “young”. My wife and I have complete faith EHVS is a driving force in their long, healthy, and happy lives. Words cannot express our gratitude to everyone at EHVS. I highly……HIGHLY recommend them.


Patient: Mike

Dr. Mathes always takes super good care of our pets! We’re super happy
with the entire process and everybody is very friendly and helpful.


Patient: James

Dr Lindie and staff have shown professionalism in handling our cat
illnesses. We appreciate the care they have given to him.

“Barbie De Noel has a medical condition where she needs special food for vomiting and Dr. Sue discovered that the high protein grain free food was appropriate. We would try one and Barbie did not like it, so with doctor direction, we would try another. Dr. Sue provided various sources to find other foods that could work until we found the food that Barbie’s taste buds and body enjoyed. We found that Natures variety instinct seemed to be the top pick, Barbie likes the rabbit-both dry and wet diet. Since starting this food the vomiting has reduced over 50% in using food alone.

I am extremely grateful for Dr. Sue’s help. Barbie seems healthier and happier. This has been a huge breakthrough in Barbie’s health. Dr. Sue has been her Vet of choice for previous cats and is outstanding, her knowledge of medicine and chemistry has further extended the life of her pets. Dr. Sue digs deep and spends extra time to help find specialized food and to make sure they have good quality of life. She truly goes above and beyond.”

Linda Raison with Barbie De Noel

April 16, 2021

Hi, Dr. Klein,

My wife and I are long-term clients of East Hilliard Veterinary Services who have worked with Dr. Chris Kabalan for most of that time. I’m writing to tell you what I’m sure you already know: Dr. Chris is an extraordinary person and an absolutely terrific veterinarian. But here I’d like to say a bit more.

First , I have to tell you that we started at your practice only because some years ago we adopted a dog (a hound mix named Baxter) who had been in your care before we adopted him. East Hilliard is a fairly long trek for us (we live in German Village in Columbus), and we had a terrific vet of own just minutes from our house, but Bax was an older dog with some problems and we thought it best to stay with his current vet (which was you). We assumed we would eventually return to our own vet once things had settled down with Bax.

That’s where Chris comes in. Once we’d been working with her for a while—not just with Bax but also with our other dogs—we simply didn’t want to go back to our old vet, despite the inconvenience of driving all the way to East Hilliard whenever one of our dogs needed care. Chris, we felt, has the two most important things one wants in any doctor, for people or for pets: she is a superb clinician, and she is a terrific communicator with a personality that is warm and caring. In short, she’s the reason we’re still with you and your team after all these years.

But, secondly, I have to mention our most recent experience with Chris. Bax is long gone, and our current dog is a Huskie mix named Jessie (she’s eleven years old). A little over a week ago Jessie stopped eating. One day of not eating wasn’t surprising; she does that from time to time. But after two days we were quite worried, and on the third day I called and asked to leave a message for Chris. I explained our concern and asked for her help. I later learned she was quite busy that day, but at the end of her work day she called us and, once she understood things, said we should bring Jessie in immediately and she’d wait for us. Long story short, she did blood work that night and when that didn’t tell her anything, she took a long-shot and had a visiting specialist do an ultrasound the next evening. It turned out that Jessie has Addison’s disease (atypical Addison’s), for which we are now treating her. But the point I want to make here is that in the course of two very traumatic days, Chris was like a rock for us, calling us regularly with progress reports and assuring us that Jessie would be okay. It’s impossible to exaggerate what Chris’s warmth and kindness meant to us.

I’m sorry this letter has been so long. We simply felt that we had to tell you what an incredible person
you have on your staff in the person of Dr. Chris Kabalan.

Very truly yours,


Patient: Virginia

I thought this was an excellent visit! We didn’t wait long. The procedure for arriving and calling from the parking lot works great. I’m totally OK with this continuing and not having to wait in the waiting area. First time going inside the office with my pet in more than year. This wasn’t essential but good to communicate with the vet & technician. Communication was clear & I understood the recommendations and instructions. I arrived quite worried about Joey and left feeling much better and like we had a good plan for him.I know the East Hilliard staff genuinely cares about my pet.

Patient: Jesse
As always, I had a great experience! The staff were all friendly and kind. Dr. Lindie took the time to listen to any questions/concerns I had.