Rabbits make wonderful pets and can live an average of 10 years! When you first bring your new friend home you should schedule a vet visit for a physical exam. At this first visit we will discuss general husbandry and pertinent exam findings. Yearly vet visits thereafter are advised to keep your rabbit in the best health possible.

Rabbits are a prey species and are experts in hiding their illnesses. They may have abnormalities such as ear disease or tooth overgrowth, which can go unnoticed at home until the advanced stages of disease. This is why annual exams are so important! Every year your veterinarian will take a detailed history and perform a complete physical exam. Nutrition, housing and exercise are also important topics that will be discussed during the appointment. Even though rabbits do not receive annual vaccines, there are many other aspects to wellness visits that will help keep your rabbit in the best possible health.

Did you know that it is recommended to have your rabbit spayed or neutered if they are not intended for breeding? This procedure can provide significant health and behavioral benefits! The most common rabbit illnesses we see are related to their eyes, teeth, respiratory tract and gastrointestinal tract. If you think your rabbit is sick, please make an appointment with us right away! Even the slightest sign of illness can be an indicator of a significant problem.

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