East Hilliard Veterinary Services has two state of the art digital imaging systems, one specific for dental imaging and one for full body studies. This radiology equipment allows our veterinarians to detect injury and disease of bone and some soft tissue structures. It is also used to monitor healing or progression of chronic cases. Digital radiology is a fast and reliable diagnostic that we use on a regular basis. Images are stored and can even be sent by telemedicine to radiology specialists for additional consultation.


Ultrasound examination provides a noninvasive diagnostic tool using painless sound waves to evaluate internal organs and tissue structure. We can visualize most of the internal organs and capture the image. Those images along with all related test results, are digitally sent to board certified internal specialist or cardiologists who read the images. After their review they send us their interpretation which we will then pass on to you, the owner. The rest of the ultrasound study may warrant further diagnosis such as an ultrasound guided biopsy. This provides a less invasive means of obtaining deeper tissue samples for cytological evaluation.