More and more we are seeing patients who suffer from allergic symptoms. Dogs, cats, and other species commonly have allergies to fleas, foods, and/or allergens in the environment like pollen and dust mites. Itching, licking, hair loss, infections, and GI abnormalities are the most common signs of allergies. At East Hilliard Veterinary Services, we offer a detailed approach to allergy diagnosis and management. Diagnosis starts with a detailed history, including the onset, duration, and intensity of clinical signs.

Current and previous lifestyle, diet, and medications are also important portions of our history taking process. After a thorough physical exam, additional diagnostics like cytology, culture, blood allergy testing, or hypoallergenic food trials may be recommended. Treatment options are tailored to each patient based on the results of the exam and diagnostics. Many patients find relief from their allergy symptoms after receiving appropriate medications, hypoallergenic foods, or allergy immunotherapy.